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Dragon Swallows Moon
Photographs and text form a parallel narrative in this ongoing project of reorientation, an open-ended effort to find direction in a scrambled world.

To date, Dragon Swallows Moon has been a book, a grouping of pigment prints on paper, and an online loop of 100+ screens. It is still a work in progress.  The slideshow below presents the first few sections of the book – concise little abstract drawings serve as a kind of punctuation, or pause, in the rhythm of the narrative.  The whole thing is up for grabs.

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TMSSQR puddle (2015)


MUTE REMAINDERS (2003 – ongoing)
Making these assemblages began as an allergic reaction to the political spectacle that preceded the ill-fated invasion of Iraq in 2003. The work internalizes issues of blighted cultural memory, vengeance, violence, religious confusion, obfuscation and sexual longing.    —— raw pigment, oil, graphite, wax, wire, canvas, wood, papier collé, stainless steel, found objects, computer circuitboards and memory chips, vintage polaroids, text. Swipe to view…

LOBSTER FLATS (2010-11) an excerpt
The images in this book and print series were created by digitally manipulating a limited number of photographs into a theme and variations suite. The accompanying text was generated by feeding sentence fragments into an online text randomizer and sifting through the results. Swipe to view…

The Heart Migrates Beneath the Mechanism (2015)
— a three minute tone poem that adapts selected Lobster Flats still images to HD video
Special thanks to Zoë Keating for the use of her wonderful music.

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