Thistles, Glyphs and Ciphers (2016 – ongoing)
Reformulating the representaion of Nature through chaos and categories, leftovers, proto-symbols, disturbed spaces, intrusions and extractions, algorithmic tracings and foreground detail selectively decontextualized and reassigned.

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FOREGROUND NOTES (1994 – ongoing)
This project – which includes drawings, video, photography and pigment prints – began organically while walking and drawing in the mountains of the French Pyrénées. Each drawing sequence consists of rapid notations made during a rest, sometimes after hours of climbing — photographs and video are taken along the way, then manipulated back in the studio. The drawings are begun en plein air with a Japanese calligraphy pen and finished in the studio with brush and ink.






CLICK to open a new window: Flash video animation with accompanying drawings:

HD VIDEO (2013 – ongoing)
The screen as art – the next frontier. Start collecting…


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LOBSTER FLATS (2010-11) an excerpt
The images in this book and print series were created by digitally manipulating a limited number of photographs into a theme and variations suite. The accompanying text was generated by feeding sentence fragments into an online text randomizer and sifting through the results.

The HD video The Heart Migrates Beneath the Mechanism (2015) is a three minute animated tone poem – online at



This hyper-linked loop of 100 photographic images and accompanying one-liners can be traversed in either direction by clicking the thumbnails on either side of center.


TMSSQR2 puddle 2015
video and soundscape by Tim Trompeter    visit me on vimeo


This continuing project of assemblages, collages and vintage polaroids began during the run-up to the invasion of Iraq in 2003. Thematically, the work confronts issues of cultural memory, mindless violence, obfuscation and longing.   Use the scrollbar below the image-strip to maneuver.


PHOTOGRAPHY (1978 – ongoing)
This image-strip is a passing glance at the first dozen years of my photography work. Use the scrollbar below the image-strip to maneuver.