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My back story as a freelance, jack-of-all-trades visual artist began with painting and color theory classes in college at CU Boulder and Flinders University in South Australia; deepened with a year of backpacking through Southeast Asia, India and the Himalayas with camera and sketchbook; found focus through the studio practice of abstract painting at the Art Student’s League of New York; and blossomed during a decade of living and working in Paris as a fashion, portrait and fine art photographer before embracing the Digital Age and its assortment of amazing creative tools.

I have a strong connection to Photoshop that began with an intensive course for visual professionals at the legendary Kodak Center for Creative Imaging. A world of image-making possibility opened up, which led directly to digital imaging for theatrical projection, exhibitions of archival pigment prints, and commissioned work for private collectors as well as for public, institutional display.

As for the web, I’ve been there since the beginning. The public release of the Mosaic browser marked the beginning of the World Wide Web in 1993, and my design and programming skills grew in step with the web’s development. The tech world moves fast, but I’m finding that a solid grasp of the fundamentals is proving to be a valuable asset in handling the complexity of today’s web, tangled as it is with an ever-expanding array of image-filters, shortcodes, widgets, plugins and whatnot.

I live and work in New York.


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