My web story started like this: once upon a time there was no web, then suddenly there was. That’s when I jumped in. Today, I am a battle-tested web designer, consultant, and HTML programmer with hands-on familiarity of Javascript as well as a working understanding of the PHP programming environment of WordPress and other template solutions.


For commercial projects, things go awry unless someone communicates well with both management and tech. That was my role in 2014 for firstVIEW.com. As a consultant, I first took a detailed look at the problems left behind by a previous developer and mapped out a step-by-step re-development strategy with management. Then I accomplished as much of the repair as I could myself, before guiding the work of a server-side programming expert with whom I have a good working rapport. The project has been a major success so far: a dysfunctional relationship between the front-end and the database has been solved, the look-and-feel has been refined, and the user experience has been greatly enhanced. Further improvements lie ahead.





tiger-time I wore multiple hats for this National Geographic project: web designer, graphic designer and programmer. In the early days of the web, dial-up bandwidth was narrow and restrictive, meaning that pictures and graphics had to be tiny little GIFS, minuscule by today’s standards. Getting things to look good was like an arcane science. Entire websites were designed to accommodate a postage-stamp computer screen resolution of 640 x 480 pixels. It was a lot of fun.

artseensohoThis home page (circa 1999) comes alive with multiple rollovers when the visitor’s cursor moves across the surface. It is structurally a very detailed graphic interface that was built on sound fundamentals – it works today just as it did years ago. As a designer-builder, I’m irked that much of my detailed, handmade work has been bumped offline by the march toward automation and do-it-yourself template solutions. Fortunately, my depth of experience is proving useful now that so much web design is through browser-based tools that don’t come to life unless they can be effectively tweaked.

AWARDS: USA Today Hot Site; Wired Magazine Spotlight; Rockport Press, Best of the Web – Navigation; Communication Arts Web Site of the Week.




One of my strengths is the conception and design of intuitive graphic interfaces that invite the visitor to explore. The goal is to visually engage the visitor at each level – from the main home page all the way down to pages buried four clicks into the mix. To do so means that every detail of design and navigation must be consciously attended to – it’s important to sweat the little stuff.



It has been my privilege to collaborate with accomplished people who are deeply into their work.

I’ve been designer and programmer on major projects that lasted for years: co-creator of artseensoho.com in the nineties, then webmaster for a small, elite clientele that included photographers Patrick Demarchelier and Robert Whitman as well as National Geographic adventurer and writer Jon Bowermaster. Together we accomplished a lot, and broke new ground along the way.