prints and drawings

SERIES   Thistles, Glyphs and Ciphers (2016 – ongoing)   pigment prints, dimensions variable
Visualize a transitional likeness of the natural world, no longer descriptive landscape, but information: palimpsests of pattern upon pattern; a fragmented topography; cross currents; an embrace of chaos and complexity; and, yet, almost inexplicably, the persistence of Beauty.

Each picture-building component in Thistles, Glyphs and Ciphers is a kind of signifier: bitmapped photo fragments; the suggestion of a semi-transparent, multi-layered surface; encryption integers; randomized text passages tracked into lattice structures; glyphic outlines of a text-based negative space; the ephemeral blossom as a metaphor for fecundity and affirmation. Categories take over, as each picture edges away from the particular and tilts toward a set of circumstances.

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Up Needs Down Like Down Needs Up (2017)
pigment print on paper with hand-inlaid white gold leaf, wooden dowel and embroidery floss – 36 x 56 inches framed.

Treatise on God (2017) —–pigment print on paper

SERIES   A Rake’s Progress (1992)
charcoal, india ink, coffee on BFK Rives paper – 22 x 30 inches unframed.

Trans Feral (1992)
collage – 8 x 10 inches unframed.


Foreground Notes Dans la nature, l’éctriture (1994 – ongoing)
Finding proto-language written in the calligraphy of trampled grass… This long-term study – which includes drawings, video, photography and pigment prints – looks at natural details often overlooked or trodden underfoot. Each drawing sequence consists of rapid notations, a kind of syntax of seeing, while manipulated photos and video provide a visual record of place and detail. The tropes of descriptive landscape have lost the ability to surprise – the goal here is to freshen sight.

SERIES   Foreground Notes Splits and Script



Foreground Notes: LineSet Drawings — ink on handmade paper, mounted on custom-built hardwood lattice frames. Tracing the contours of looking.

SERIES   Foreground Notes selections from a number of series

Foreground Notes Land Skip Edge Render ( HD video loop )
A single column of pixels is extended from the edge of each of four digitally manipulated Foreground Notes landscape details in this silent, meditative study.

SERIES Foreground Notes: Vertical Scrolls, average dimension 15 x 50 inches.

Four Ways to See Dewdrops (2004)

Outskirts of Things  Winged Seeds (2018)

SERIES   Outskirts of Things Father’s Garden Folio 01  (2018)   pigment prints, dimensions variable

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