Foreground Notes


Dans la nature, l’éctriture (1994 – ongoing)
In nature, writing. This long-term project finds a proto-language written in the overlooked and unremarkable contours of nature, and includes drawings, video, photography and pigment prints. Each drawing sequence is a record of rapid notations, a loose syntax of looking and seeing, started in the wild and finished in the studio. The standard approach to landscape has lost the ability to inform us – the goal of this exploration is to see the familiar as if for the first time.


Scree Walk ||| screengrab recording of flash video and related drawings


Foreground Notes – tracing the contours of looking: Linesets in the studio – sumi ink on paper, mounted on hand-built lattice frames.

Land Skip Edge Render ( HD video loop )
A single column of pixels is extended from the edge of each of four digitally manipulated Foreground Notes landscape details in this silent, meditative study. own a copy: s[edition]

Splits and Proto-script 2010
pigment prints, dimensions variable

swipe or click the dots…

Vertical Scrolls
pigment prints, average dimension 15 x 50 inches


ElectroFlicker |||


Not Your Mother’s Rococo 2003 – continuing
pigment prints, dimensions variable


Cascade |||


The Foreground in Winter 2017
pigment prints, dimensions variable

Four Ways to See Dewdrops 2004
pigment print, dimensions variable